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Karaoke Night Fever

Well as you probably know by now, we love fundraising, but more importantly, we love having fun while we do it.  Not only that, we like to make sure everyone around us is having as much fun as we are!

So, if you were to sit down and think of an event that would bring such enjoyment to us and others then you would come up with Karaoke too, right?!

Karaoke Night

Yup in a sober, quiet moment, someone sat down and thought “I know, let’s organise a 70’s/80’s Karaoke Disco Night to raise funds for the RAF Benevolent Fund”. And yes, in that sober, quiet moment, it did seem like a very good idea.

The location: The Beach Bar in Lossiemouth. A well-populated establishment, known for its lively evenings and fun-loving clientele.

The date: St Andrews Day, a good reason to celebrate!

The host: Lossie’s very own “Karaoke Dave”

And so the scene was set and the promotion had been done. It was time to wait and see who would come and join us for the night and, more importantly, what would they be wearing! Arriving in tutus and leg warmers was a little nerve wracking, but the timely arrival of a good portion of the Village People, the Pink Ladies and large, very cheerful group of “Wallys” made everything seem quite normal.

Karaoke night (10) Karaoke night (15)

The first worry with any Karaoke event is whether or not anyone will actually get up and sing, but that proved to be the very least of our worries!  Poor Dave hardly had time for a break as ticket after ticket poured in with requests from enthusiastic participants to perform everything from to AC/DC to Bananarama and lots more in between!

Karaoke night (25) P1040842

Everyone put their all into their performances and were readily joined by a backing group, as well as their own dance troupe! The YMCA was performed with distinction and Dancing Queen was sung with the conviction of 20 year olds (in 40+ something bodies)! The dancing may have been questionable at times, but it was carried out with such enthusiasm that style was seen as secondary to passion and spirit.

P1040836 P1040859

As the night wore on, more and more people joined the party and timidity was replaced by disco fever and a keenness to be part of the event’s entertainment.  Tunes from Grease were belted out alongside Guns N Roses and Sister Sledge, while Madonna rubbed shoulders with Pink Ladies and the Village People cut loose with Wallys. The dance floor was an amalgamation of everything was good (and bad) about the best two decades of disco music, ever!

P1040888 P1040897

So, was the night a success? Well everyone there had a fantastic evening, but they also knew exactly why they were there and who they were raising funds for, which is the most important part.  The second indication is that a wonderful £365 was raised through entry fees and raffle alone! So many people were overly charitable when they found out funds were being raised for the RAF Benevolent Fund, putting in extra donations or buying more raffle tickets. We really were blown away by everyone’s willingness to show their support.

P1040903 P1040860

We must say a massive thank you to Graham and Glynnis at the Beach Bar for their support and generosity leading up to the event and on the night, and to “Karaoke Dave” for his unwavering enthusiasm throughout the night, we couldn’t have done it without them.  We must also say thank you to Windswept Ales in Lossiemouth for their benevolence, it was great to be able to work with such an enterprising local business.

P1040845So to sum it all up in a few words? It would have to be lots of fun, singing, laughing, dancing, fundraising, tunes, leg warmers, bright colours, disco, family, entertainment, and an amazing party time.

And the big question, will we do it again?



Watch this space …………………

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