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Squadron Leader Craig Teasdale’s arrival at RAF Lossiemouth least year as OC 4 Squadron, RAF Police not only brought 14 10931110_790463434352960_1107888773313286014_nyears of Police and Security expertise to Morayshire but it also added a turbo charged Subaru Impreza Rally Car, as part of the RAF Rally Team.  Craig is three times RAF Champion and is keen to promote motorsports in the local area and encourage newcomers to the world of motorsport.

In his blog, Craig tells us more about his team, Spookworks, and his connection with the RAF Benevolent Fund through Team RAFBF Lossiemouth.

“Motorsport is very popular in the RAF. As a technical service, the teaming up of man and machine in competition seems an obvious extension of our normal operational roles and natural interests. There is more than a little overlap between the two worlds.”

spookworks (1)Motorsport in the RAF is a recognised sport run by the RAF Motorsports Association (RAFMSA) and open to everyone in the RAF. There is every possible variation of motorsport available, from rallying to karting, circuit racing to motor cross. If it’s got four wheels or two wheels it’s covered and there is always someone who can help you get started in whatever takes your interest. RAF Lossiemouth even has its own Motorsports Club.

Motorsport also provides an excellent outlet for those who feel the ‘need for speed’. With my police hat on I know that it is impossible to deny that some people enjoy the feeling of speed. But speeding on the road is extremely spookworks (4)dangerous and can cause accidents with horrific consequences. Shocking statistics show Service personnel are twice as likely to be killed in a road accident than civilians. Motorsport provides the perfect opportunity for people to enjoy going fast in a controlled and relatively safe environment with events, equipment and vehicles specifically designed for this purpose. The public road is not a place for speed and should be seen as part of an integrated national transport infrastructure only designed to get people from A to B. The public road is not a racetrack.

1186745_597388130327159_652419351_nA long time supporter of the RAF Benevolent Fund, I am joining up Team RAFBF Lossiemouth to help raise the profile of charity in the motorsports world. When I am asked spookworks (2)why, I simply tell people that it’s great opportunity to enjoy my passion but do something for a very worthy cause at the same time. I know people who have received fantastic support by the fund so it’s great to help put something back – even it is just a sticker on the car. Everything helps.

Craig Teasdale

10325235_653384634727508_7600528079652232319_nWhilst at RAF Lossiemouth, Craig intends to compete in the 2015 Scottish Rally Championship, so look out for more from the Spookworks team this year! You can follow their adventures on their Facebook page or Twitter.Rockingham2014 (789)

Thank you to Spookworks and Mark Rawling for the use of their images!


Author: teamrafbflossiemouth

Team RAFBF Lossiemouth was set up in November 2012 to raise funds and awareness for RAF Benevolent Fund at RAF Lossiemouth.

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